Filters for Subdomains and Hostnames

Separate Profiles for Separate Subdomains

You can also filter based on subdomains. Let’s say that there’s a part of your site that you want to track separately from the rest. Maybe it’s a blog, or maybe it’s a section that only receives traffic from your email marketing.  Or, for example, it may be a members-only part of the site – To track the members-only section of the site separately, you could create a separate google analytics profile and then set up two filters – one in a “regular” profile and one in your members-only profile.

In your regular profile, you would set up the following filter:

Exclude – subdomain –


In the new members-only profile, you would set up the opposite filter:

Include – subdomain –


Don’t count  the posers – excluding hostnames

I know it’s not nice, but sometimes  people steal content. And when they do, sometimes they’re really sloppy about it, and copy your Google Analytics code along with it. When this happens, visits to the poser’s site will show up in your Google Analytics tracking –  unless you filter them out.

Now here’s the thing – I don’t necessarily recommend filtering out all hostnames besides your own. Sometimes other hostnames represent legitimate traffic that you  might be interested in tracking. If someone uses Google Translator to translate your page, for example, their session will be attributed to the translator tool hostname. I might think that that’s pretty cool, and want to count those visitors. Even if you decide you’re not interested in counting these sorts of visits and only want to count actual visits to your hostname in your reporting, I recommend that you set up a separate profile that records everything so that you can keep tabs on traffic from other hostnames and identify posers that are stealing your content.  (Another alternative is to only exclude hostnames as you discover them and determine them to be illegitimate).

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